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Mapping Guinea: Help Wanted

Posted by joseph on Mar, 26 2014
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Switzerland rapidly needs maps of three towns in order to support their relief efforts of an ebola-like outbreak in Guinea. Through their partner CartONG, MSF-CH is requesting assistance from HOT as this area is currently unmapped. New high resolution Pleiades 1-A satellite imagery has been acquired and is hosted by OSM-Fr. It covers the three largest towns in the affected area.

OpenStreetMap on the Ground: Update from Kathmandu

Posted by Nama on Mar, 10 2014
I reported the HOT Community on OpenStreetMap work in Nepal in the beginning of 2013 (click here to see my post). Almost a year has passed since then. In this post, I provide you an update from the field on our accomplishments during this period.

LearnOSM Updates

Posted by jeff on Feb, 18 2014
Recently we've made some improvements to LearnOSM, HOT's resource for learning to use OpenStreetMap from the ground up.  It's not always easy keeping up with a resource like this.  OSM is constantly changing and so are the tools which we aim to teach.  With seven translations (and counting), updates to LearnOSM must be coordinated among a diverse group of content creators and translators.  Fortunately, the support for this process is immense.

Peace Corps + OpenStreetMap

Posted by mikel on Feb, 10 2014
The Peace Corps and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have been collaborating for over a year. To me its a natural connection. Peace Corps Volunteers (known as PCVs) spend at least two years in country, working closely with communities and local organizations. One of the first things a PCV does is make a map in their community, along the lines of a traditional, paper based participatory mapping exercise. A PCV today is connected, a higher percentage have access to mobile networks than running water; and that's changed their connection to their fellow volunteers, home, and communities.

Support Haiyan/Yolanda Reconstruction: Contribute Public Use UaV (Drone) Imagery

Posted by kate on Jan, 26 2014
An unprecedented number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -- drones -- have been used to collect imagery after typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. But little coordination between projects appears to have occurred. Many types of response and recovery organizations can benefit from these "bird's eye" views of the typhoon affected areas.

Activation HOT en République centrafricaine : état de la progression

Posted by Severin on Jan, 18 2014
Merci à tous les contribueurs qui ont aidé à cartographier Bangui et Zemio la semaine dernière !   J'ai effectué une revue de l'état de la progression de la cartographie OSM des villes et gros villages en RCA. Les résultats sont synthétisés dans cette uMAp.

Some editing stats from the Typhoon Haiyan response

Posted by harry on Jan, 14 2014
On Friday I presented a talk at the Open Data Institute on "Typhoon Crisis Mapping With OpenStreetMap". You can see the slides and notes at that link, and even an audio recording. The talk was an intro to OpenStreetMap and H.O.T.   Maybe you've heard all that before, but I also tried to look back on our recent efforts responding to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and I thought I would share these graphs of editing traffic here:

HOT Activation in Central African Republic: review of current progresses

Posted by Severin on Jan, 12 2014
Thanks to all the contributors who helped finishing mapping Bangui and Zemio last week!   I made a review of the progresses of mapping cities and towns in CAR with OSM as well as the potentials. The results are synthesized in this uMAp.

HOT Monitoring for the current Crisis in South Sudan

Posted by Severin on Jan, 4 2014
South Sudan is currently a top humanitarian focus if we consider the number of publications over the week on ReliefWeb.  Since violence increased in the country by the end of December, we started monitoring and working to provide baseline data for the humanitarian response. 

Thank you Lokku and Happy New Year

Posted by harry on Jan, 4 2014
HOT is fortunate to have generous supporters around the world. We are a small non-profit that is mainly funded upon projects. Every contribution and donation is a gift which helps us in our mission to bring OpenStreetMap to humanitarian response and socioeconomic development.