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Mapping on in Haiphong

Posted by kate on Apr, 22 2014
Back in October 2013 I headed to Haiphong for three weeks in conjunction with the World Bank to map transit infrastructure in the city. Over the course of the three weeks I gave a series of workshops with the Vietnam Maritime University there and we also did a lot of mapping. Or rather the students and faculty did a lot of mapping! I've never seen a city be mapped so quickly. Recently we got an update from the university team in Haiphong and it is exciting to hear that mapping and OSM use there has continued. 

When Birds of a Feather Map Together

Posted by heather on Apr, 18 2014
All spring we’ve been thinking about how to grow and support the HOT community. We know that we need to improve support to keep up the momentum of the last year while balancing quality great work around the world. At the State of the Map US event, we held a HOT BoF (Birds of Feather) session with over 45 participants. It is a small section of the wider global community, but it gave us a chance to see old friends, meet with partners and potentially engage new mappers.

Community Growth in Indonesia - Creating Trainers

Posted by kate on Apr, 16 2014
Back when HOT started in Indonesia none of us was sure how the growth of OpenStreetMap would happen. As it stands today we've trained hundreds of people and others have picked up OpenStreetMap on their own or been trained by someone else. One of our approaches has been to create a 'Training of Trainers' program. Individuals were invited to come to Jakarta last May based on their success in our previous training programs and completion of a homework assisgnment. Since that time we've worked with these trainers while providing contingency planning support as well as kept in touch online.