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Posted by Severin on Feb, 26 2015
The southern parts of Malawi along the Lower Shire River (that connects Lake Malawi and the Zambezi River) are frequently flooded, and that flooding affects the villages of farmers near the river. Since mid January 2015, they have been hit critically. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was involved in a community mapping and training project in Malawi last year and has been requested to provide baseline data of the affected areas.
Posted by Cristiano Giovando on Feb, 25 2015
Aerial imagery today is available from a variety of sources including traditional satellites, nano satellites, manned and unmanned aircrafts, mapping drones, balloons and kites. It is often difficult to share and access the acquired data efficiently. OpenAerialMap (OAM), a project funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), is creating a system to easily host and share aerial imagery. People will be able to go to OAM and search to see what free imagery is available in their area of interest.
Posted by Russell Deffner on Feb, 20 2015
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is pleased to announce the election of twenty-five (25) new voting members to our organization. They are an amazing group of coders, mappers, teachers, community organizers, project and activation coordinators, liaisons to mission partners, leaders among their respective local OpenStreetMap groups (representing at least a dozen countries) and so much more that we have yet to learn about them.