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Posted by kristen on Apr, 9 2015
Kate Chapman.  Leader, friend, mentor, creator, grant writer, smart girl, cool-chick, adventurer, founder, volunteer.  These are many of the wonderful traits that make up Kate, but at her core, she’s a giver.  She believes in what she does and works harder, and more kindly, than pretty much anyone I’ve ever known.    
Posted by Steven Bukulu on Mar, 25 2015
Preparations, Preparations and Lots of Preparations is how best i can describe the third of the OSM Training in Tanzania.   We reported at Buni Hub at about 9:18am Steve, Geoffrey, Jeff and later on Paul came through. Today we had nothing to do with the drones but the team (Sensefly) still headed out to shoot some more aerial imagery. With no waste of time we went straight away to making final preparations for the "COMMUNITY MAPPING FOR FLOOD RESILIENCE LAUNCH" which will run under Open Street Map.  
Posted by Steven Bukulu on Mar, 24 2015
Posted by Heather Leson on Mar, 17 2015
HOT has grown from a community of contributors with an idea to a global community and organization with many successes. HOT has some exciting projects:
Posted by Heather Leson on Mar, 16 2015
The Cyclone has come and gone from Vanuatu Islands. The devastation is massive with the BBC reporting that Development has been wiped out. In the past few days, the HOT community rose to support by mapping using pre-disaster imagery. The Vanatau Archipel (800 km long) was severely hit by the Pam Cyclone. While HOT has not been formally activated, the community prepared and mapped anyway.
Posted by Blake Girardot on Mar, 6 2015
In celebration of Open Data Day, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team member Humberto Yances, together with and the University of San Buenaventura (Cartagena branch) organized a mapping party event focused on mapping Isla de León, a slum area in Cartagena, Colombia.
Posted by Severin on Feb, 26 2015
The southern parts of Malawi along the Lower Shire River (that connects Lake Malawi and the Zambezi River) are frequently flooded, and that flooding affects the villages of farmers near the river. Since mid January 2015, they have been hit critically. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was involved in a community mapping and training project in Malawi last year and has been requested to provide baseline data of the affected areas.
Posted by Cristiano Giovando on Feb, 25 2015
Aerial imagery today is available from a variety of sources including traditional satellites, nano satellites, manned and unmanned aircrafts, mapping drones, balloons and kites. It is often difficult to share and access the acquired data efficiently. OpenAerialMap (OAM), a project funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), is creating a system to easily host and share aerial imagery. People will be able to go to OAM and search to see what free imagery is available in their area of interest.
Posted by Russell Deffner on Feb, 20 2015
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is pleased to announce the election of twenty-five (25) new voting members to our organization. They are an amazing group of coders, mappers, teachers, community organizers, project and activation coordinators, liaisons to mission partners, leaders among their respective local OpenStreetMap groups (representing at least a dozen countries) and so much more that we have yet to learn about them.
Posted by Jorieke Vyncke on Jan, 24 2015
Already for a big week now, Pete Masters and I have been in Bangladesh for the first official field mapping of the Missing Maps project. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia surrounded by India and touching Myanmar’s border in the east. It has the longest coast line in the world, as people tell us very proudly here! We are working in the capital, Dhaka, where more than 15 million people are living.