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Posted by Jaakko Helleranta on Sep, 15 2014
On behalf of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team I am pleased to congratulate Mikel Maron for his new role as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House. He will spend the next few months sharing OpenStreetMap and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team processes with the government as part of “OpenStreetMap for Diplomacy” at the State Department.
Posted by emir on Sep, 13 2014
"Maswela bwanji?" (Good afternoon)  "Ndasewela bwino, kaya inu?" (The afternoon is fine, what about you?) "Ndasewela bwino." (The afternoon is fine) "Zikomo." (Thank you)
Posted by Severin on Sep, 7 2014
It is the second, and last week, of fieldwork in the Chikwawa district, with the necessity to cover all the most flood prone areas there before surveying the Nsanje district during the two next weeks. Last week we started with the closest areas from our home and work base in Nchalo, but now we will focus on mapping the rest of the district. 
Posted by maning on Aug, 28 2014
After 3 weeks of coordination, preparation and training, we begin the field mapping exercise this week. Everyone is excited with the upcoming exercise. Armed with new found knowledge on data collection and editing with JOSM, the team along with ~30 Malawian mappers from the academe, national and local government authorities headed south to Chikwawa district  to start the first leg of field data collection.   
Posted by mikel on Aug, 21 2014
You may have seen a few shout outs on twitter from last months disaster technology event at the White House.
Posted by emir on Aug, 19 2014
After a long flight from Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok - Addis Ababa, finally, I arrived in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi and met Severin and Maning. We have a full team now and we were moving on Sunday to Blantyre for OpenStreetMap (OSM) workshop. Before we had a workshop, a series of meeting held in Polytechnic campus and Chanchellor College on Monday (August 11) . Basically we were presenting about OSM and the project to the students and lecturers.
Posted by maning on Aug, 9 2014
This week we started the series of OSM training/workshops to various government stakeholders and international agencies based in Lilongwe. Severin started this coordination through his meetings with various offices last week. The goal of these sessions is to engage with various government offices specifically the Surveys Department and the Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) on how to contribute and use OpenStreetMap.
Posted by pierre.beland on Aug, 8 2014
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team escalates his response at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Posted by pierre.beland on Aug, 5 2014
An update on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team response to the Ebola outbreak, the maps and services offered, the community response, and some statistics.
Posted by Severin on Aug, 2 2014
It is a real pleasure for me to get back to Malawi after a one week visit last year, as part of a UNSPIDER Technical Advisory Mission of volunteers to promote the use of space-based data for Disaster Management and advise the local government on how to make better use of it. Lilongwe is 1000m above sea level so it is not as hot as other places at the same latitudes can be (actually the nights are even a bit chilly), and the people are nice.